Food for beauty and health Healthy eating outside the home. Recipes, ideas, reflections. 15 drinks to strengthen the immune system Healthy breakfast: 5 delicious recipes from vegetables and fruits. Lesson 1.1 7 available ways to strengthen the immune system
The mini Detox for smoothies is very easy to transfer and is as close as possible to your usual diet.
Such shots-cocktails can be made independently at home – you will only need a juicer and a couple of other devices that can be found in every kitchen.
How to remove wrinkles on the face? Time is running out and nothing can be done about it.
The essence of the evening meal is to prepare the body for a night's rest, to optimize the metabolic process that does not stop during sleep.
Beef stew will turn out delicious, satisfying and healthy, if you follow a few rules. Choose high-quality meat, prepare it, choose the right dishes and…
To maintain the internal and external beauty, nature generously shares with us the power of plants.
The problem with burnout is that it often creeps up unnoticed.
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