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The Food for beauty and health rubric is an author's project about healthy eating.

Here you will find a wealth of practical and theoretical information on how to apply healthy eating tips to your life. After all, we often know what to do, but we get lost when it comes to practice.

How to integrate healthy eating into your life? How to stay vigorous and energetic for many years, despite the change of seasons and rush jobs at work? How to maintain youthfulness and beauty of your body? How to cook not only healthy but also delicious food? How to engage your family with healthy food? And most importantly-how to do all this?

What information will you learn:

  • Clear information about healthy eating;

  • How to apply this information in everyday life;

  • Ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy desserts;

  • Reviews of cookbooks and recipes;

  • Lots of recipes - simple and quick in execution with a maximum of healthy ingredients;

  • Reviews of dietary supplements available for sale

  • Guide to the practical use of vitamins and minerals

  • Tips for maintaining beauty and youth

  • Author's notes on proper nutrition in modern society

In this section "Food for beauty and health" all information is suitable for residents of almost any country. I recommend the most common and affordable products that you can easily buy at the store.

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